Quick Reference Guide

As a supplement to your TNFL Provider Manual we have briefly outlined below the most critical information you will need to access when seeing an TNFL member.

If you have any additional questions, or would like to schedule a follow-up in-service with your TNFL Provider Relations Representative, please contact TNFL at 888-550-8800, Option 2, or send an email to: ATAFL@healthnetworkone.com

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Provider Relations 888-550-8800 Option 2
Provider Relations Fax 305-620-5973
Authorization 888-550-8800 Option 1
Authorization Fax 855-410-0121
Claims 877-372-1273 Option 6
Electronic Claims Submission (EDI) Direct Data Entry (DDE) through the HS1 Web Portal, or through the Clearinghouse, Change Healthcare, using: Professional Payer ID: 65062
Institutional Payer ID: 12k89
Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) ERA provided via Change Healthcare. Provider must complete Change Healthcare ERA Provider Setup
Paper Claims Submission P.O. Box 350590
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33335-0590
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Initial payment sent via VPay with options for EFT or check available by calling: 855-388-8374 (Vpay EOB's will be sent via Fax to Providers)
Web Portal Access Requests Administered by Health System One (HS1). Please complete the online HS1 Web Portal Access Form
Provider Web Portal Login http://mytnfl.com/pwp/
Provider Trainings All providers with TNFL, are required to complete the Provider Trainings, within thirty days of their contract effective date and annually thereafter. The trainings can be located at ataflorida.com/trainings. You may complete the trainings on any desk top or mobile device for ease of access and completion. Your attestation will confirm that your office has received all mandatory trainings for the year. Should you want a copy of the trainings for your office, they can be downloaded from the attestation page. NOTE: For providers who function under more than one Tax ID; please be sure to complete an attestation for each Tax ID that is contracted with TNFL.