ATA-FL is now Therapy Network of Florida

Our new network name and new logo is part of a broader effort to enhance our communications and our ongoing commitment to our providers. Although we're making this change, you can expect the same exemplary support team, data, and systems - all under your same contract.

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TNFL serving Florida Health Plans & Therapists since 2006

For more than 17 years, Therapy Network of Florida, one of the largest networks dedicated exclusively to occupational, speech, and physical therapy, has been pioneering innovative approaches to ensure the highest standard of care while maximizing each therapist’s time and effort with patients.

TNFL is a licensed Florida Third Party Administrator which provides Outpatient Therapy Network Services for Florida Managed Care Health Plans throughout the State. TNFL currently covers over 2.9 million lives through various Florida Health Plans.

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We are pleased that therapists who join our network will be part of a statewide network of quality, responsible providers that care about their clients — TNFL wants to be your Network which patients and payors can rely on for quality and stability.

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Working Together with Providers for Quality Care at Effective Cost

Partnering with more than 4,600 therapists, Therapy Network of Florida works with nine Florida health plans in the Commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare markets. We proudly operate the state's largest outpatient therapy network, and work side-by-side with our providers to deliver quality care.

Our Goal

Working with Our Managed Care Plan Clients and our Providers we are able to yield high quality and cost-effective results for all parties. The goal of TNFL’s Network is to provide transparent, effective quality services to all parties which we serve.